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XLink Customer Comments

The XLink is used everyday in thousands of households. Below are some of the emails we have received.

I now have two of them & it's the best thing !!!


All in all, a great product the Xlink is.


Everything worked perfectly. Rings the old phone like a champ with enough extra power to ring a 0.1 REN wireless handset base station. Couldn't be happier. Let me know if there is anything I can do to spread the good word of your wonderful product and excellent customer service. Cheers!


Dear Xtreme Technologies:
Thank-you for making the Xlink BTTN Bluetooth Cellular Gateway. I love it. It was so easy to connect & so easy to use. I cannot think of a product, lately, that pays for itself so quickly--I will have done so in one month. Though I've only been using it a couple of days, I am thrilled with the quality, the easy of connection, plus the fact my cell phone is more "portable" than ever now that I can not only use it at work and with my bluetooth carphone, but just can immediately pop it into my charger and utilize all my cell plan's features on my home phone. Still have not disconnected my land-line, but will end service soon & hope to extend utility to all my home phones. So glad, too, that caller ID transfers. I love it and am happy to tell others about it any chance I get.

~P J Kurf

I love you guys!!!
Thanks so much. It woks perfectly.
So happy with my purchase. :)

~L Polera

You've got a good product. It even handles ringing my two old 1950's desktop phones. Very nice. Anybody who complains about the bluetooth range or background noise should be told to make sure they don't have a wireless router sitting close to the xlink. Mine works great even when the phone is 15+ feet away.

~K Ramsay

Yes i am pleased to say that i am happy. Thank you. And yes i am sorry i did have my doubts. A lot of retailers out there just want to sell for the sake of just selling. I am happy that it worked. I am definitely going to recommend this to several people. Thank you so much...

~J Gut

Thanks - this did it for me!
I like your Xlink product and support!
Thank you.

~J Pinto

I really appreciate your over and above the call of duty help

~J Hill

...everything is still working fine. I really appreciate your help in resolving the problem. It is rare these days to talk to someone with your product knowledge and attitude. It was a pleasure talking to you.

~G Coulter

Everything works great, could not be happier.

~B Waterfield

Great !
More points to Xlink...
Many thanks..I really appreciate your prompt help.

~T Quang

Thank you
We purchased it from Amazon
It took me all of five minutes to install it in our house
Nice product

~W Jacques

Hello - We purchased an Xlink for my elderly mother and she LOVES it.

~J Richardson

This works like a charm, I can Finally ditch my never good quality land line.
Please keep up the great work.

~B Waterfield

Well, now it all simply works as it should...
So thanks for being there for us after all this time. And keeping the BTs updated with fresh firmware. Rare in your industry sorry to say.
P.S. I talk up the fact that we don't have a land line (real or cable interfaced) but the convenience of in home wireless phones and answering machine regardless -- to anyone that starts yakking about their phone expenses. And most are surprised that can be done, which suggests there is more business out there for you if somehow you could better advertise to that market.

~B Griffith

Thanks for your quick response you guys are great will buy again

~D Eaves

Received it in four days. Hooked it up and it worked right away. Still trying to figure out if I can access my stored cell phone numbers and my voice mail on the cell. Thanks It saved us about $92 a month in fees! When a call comes in, the base unit and the four cordless phones that go with the base unit ring.

~R Bruner

Good Morning,
I recently purchased from you an XLINK BTTN, and thought that I would use the opportunity to provide you with some feedback on this.
Firstly, thankyou for an easy and fast transaction and shipping, this was greatly appreciated.
Secondly, the product performs exactly as described and is very easy to work with and I used it in the manner for which it is intended (connected straight to a standard Panasonic DECT cordless phone). However, I did get to thinking about what other possibilities that I might have for this device, and had a look through all of it's options.
I was impressed to discover that the BTTN offered a line reversal option. I have on display a 1970's public telephone, which I have never been able to do much with other than look at, as the coin drop mechanism relies on line reversal, and an inbuilt timer in the phone gives a 5 second delay and drops the coins, however Telstra (the operator of the Australian PSTN network, no longer offers line reversal upon connection to a normal service). So basically I could either reverse the polarity of the telephone to drop all coins answered or not, or, leave it as was giving free calls all the time.
It was a pleasure to do nothing more but set the line reversal option and then immediately use the red phone, and have the coins drop upon connection as they should.
Again, thankyou and congratulations for developing such a great product.

~N Shackleton