All New: XLink BT HD

Link Your Cell Phone to your Home Phone with High Definition Wideband Audio

We are very proud to introduce the neweset XLink product, the all new XLink BT HD.

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  • Latest technology Bluetooth 5.0

  • Wideband Audio over Bluetooth and telephone.

  • Enhanced Bluetooth Audio with full echo cancellation and noise reduction

  • Connects to ONE cell phones

  • Wireless software updates and configuration over Bluetooth.

  • No more running around to answer your cell phone - use any home phone

  • Cancel your landline and save money!

  • Supports all antique and modern telephones

  • High power ringing - will ring all your house telephones including rotary antique telephones

  • DTMF and Rotary / Pulse dialing supported

The XLink BT HD is the newest XLink. This model uses the latest Bluetooth standards to provide the highest quality audio connection and wireless product updates. All in the same size and shape popularized with the XLink BT2 model.

With an easy pair button, the XLink BT HD connects to ONE cell phones. If the cell phone rings then the connected house telephones ring. The connected house telephones can be used to make calls wihtout a landline, because they now use the cell phone.

Do you no longer have a landline? Have you decided that paying for a landline every month is no longer necessary? The XLink BT HD allows you to use your cell phone through your regular home telephones. Your cell phone can be left charging in a convenient location. If your cell phone rings - all the home telephones connected to the XLink BT2 ring. Make outgoing calls using your home telephones even though you no longer have a landline!

Using Bluetooth® 5.0 wireless technology, the XLink BT HD communicates wirelessly with your cell phone. There are NO extra cables to buy. There are no additional monthly charges. Whenever your cell phone is placed within range, the XLink BT HD will automatically connect to it.

The telephone connector output of the XLink BT HD works the same as a telephone line from the phone company. You can connect any standard telephone equipment to it. This includes telephones and answering machines. You can even connect it to office phones systems.

What does XLink do

XLink turns your cell phone into a Landline. Exactly like you used to pay the phone company for, except now it doesn't cost anything extra!

Plug as many telephones as you want into the XLink. They will all ring when there is an incoming call and you can answer the call using your home telephones.

Dail out using any regular telephones. When you pick up a home telephone you will hear dial tone and can dial normally and the call will be made using your cell phone.

Voice Dialing. Pick up any telephone and dial ## - this will activate Siri or Google Assistant and let you dial or give instructions from any telephone!

Antique telephones ringing

All XLinks support rotary / pulse dialing. Use antique telephones of all types.

XLink BT2 has the highest output ringing power. The XLink BT2 will ring multiple antique telephones.

Voice dialing. Voice dialing is supported from antique telephones by dialing a hook flash to activate the cell phone voice commands.

XLink BT HD User Guide

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