The XLink Bluetooth pairing code is '0000'.

Some cell phones do not ask for the pairing code because they try '0000' automatically.

Some very old XLinks use '1234'. Try this one as well.

  1. To put XLink into Bluetooth pairing mode hold down one of the line buttons for around 6-8 seconds, until it starts to flash rapidly.
  2. Now use your cell phone to search for Bluetooth devices and select 'XLink Gateway'.
  3. The pairing code is either '0000' or '1234'.

If possible on your cell phone, make the XLink a trusted device and allow it to connect on its own. You only have to pair your cell phone once. Do not hold the same line button down for 6 seconds as this will delete the current pairing.

You can access SIRI and voice commands from any home telephone!

Dialing # # will start cell phone voice dialing. On an iPhone this starts SIRI and on Android this starts Google Assistant.

With antique telephones, dialing a hook flash will start voice dialing.

Each cell phone has its own line number 1, 2 or 3 has indicated by dots on the button it was paired to. The XLink will automatically select which cell phone to use for outoing calls.

The XLink BT will use cell phone #1 is possible, otherwise cell phone #2, etc...

The XLink BTTN will use the land line if one is connected, otherwise it will use cell phone #1, etc...

While not necessasry, you can select which cell phone to use for an outgoing call. This is done by first dialing the cell number and pressing the FLASH button on your telephone. On some telephones the FLASH button is called CALL WAITING or LINK. When you select a line and hear dial tone, you can proceed with your call. If you hear a series of rapid tones, it means that there is no cell phone currently connected to that line. Try another line that has a cell phone paired and connected to it.

1 FLASH - selects cell phone 1

2 FLASH - selects cell phone 2

3 FLASH - selects cell phone 3

0 FLASH - selects land line (BTTN model only)

By default the BTTN model will always use the landline for outgoing calls if it is available. Otherwise it will use the lowest line number cell phone that is connected.

The BT will always use the lowest line number cell phone that is connected.

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