Download XWizard

The XWIZARD software is availabe for Windows 8 & 10 computers. It allows the XLink software to be updated and for the adjustment of advanced configuration options. There is no need to update the software in a new XLink purchased from us or through our authorized resellers. They come with uptodate software installed.

Please note that you must install the software before connecting your XLink to the computer with a USB cable. At this time the XWizard runs on Windows 8 and Windows 10 computers.

The XWIZARD software is only available to the owners of a XLINK product. By clicking the 'DOWNLOAD' button you confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions of the following license agreement. The XWIZARD may only be downloaded for the purpose of upgrading the software within your XLINK product or configuring your XLINK product. Any other use is stricly forbidded. Xtreme Technologies Corp. is in no way responsible or liable for any damages that may occur directly or indirectly from downloading and using this software.