Use your Home Telephones to make and take Cell phone calls.

Four XLink models for all setups.

What does XLink do:

XLink turns your cell phone into a Landline. Exactly like you used to pay the phone company for, except now it doesn't cost anything extra!

Plug as many telephones as you want into the XLink. They will all ring when there is an incoming call and you can answer the call using your home telephones.

Dail out using any regular telephones. When you pick up a home telephone you will hear dial tone and can dial normally and the call will be made using your cell phone.

Voice Dialing. Pick up any telephone and dial ## - this will activate Siri or Google Assistant and let you dial or give instructions from any telephone!

You can use all the telephones connected to the XLink. Plug one telephone into the XLink or plug multiple telephones into it. The XLink can also be connected to your home telephone wiring to connect all the telephones in your home to your cell phone.

You can access SIRI and voice commands from any home telephone!

Dialing # # will start cell phone voice dialing. On an iPhone this starts SIRI and on Android this starts Google Assistant.

With antique telephones, dialing a hook flash will start voice dialing.

The XLink is not a cell phone booster. XLink allows you to keep your cell phone in a location with the strongest signal and talk on regular telephones throughout your home.

One call can take place at a time through the XLink. The XLink generates call waiting for a second incoming call and lets you switch between cell phone calls. Of course you can always directly use any of your cell phones.

All XLinks support rotary / pulse dialing. Use antique telephones of all types.

XLink BT2 & BT HD have the highest output ringing power. XLink will ring multiple antique telephones.

Voice dialing. Voice dialing is supported from antique telephones by dialing a hook flash to activate the cell phone voice commands.