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Finally your cell phone can be accessed from anywhere in your home or office!

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The XLink family of products makes it possible to send and receive cell phones calls using regular telephones. No more searching for your cell phones - just use regular phones at home or in the office.

Advanced Smart Phone features accessible from your home phones

Use Siri or Voice Dialing from any phone in your house. XLINK is the only device that lets you talk to your cell from any of your home phones. Simply dial ## and you are connected! No need to remember phone numbers or program directories.

Caller ID

XLink is the only Bluetooth Gateway that is capable of sending caller ID to your home telephones. If the cell provides caller ID info over the Bluetooth link then we send it using the correct standards to your home phones. So you know who is calling.

Any cell phone with Bluetooth wireless technology will work with XLINK™.

The XLink can simultaneously connect to three different cell phones - one for each family member! As many regular telephones as desired can be plugged into the back of the XLink. Whenever any of the connected cell phones ring, all the telephones ring also!
XLink can be used with or without landline phone service. Now you can decide whether or not to keep your landline. Either way - all your telephones can keep functioning!

XLink products work right out of the box. There are never any extra cables or modules to buy. You get everything you need in this one cost effective solution.

There are two models in the XLink family, the XLink BT and the XLink BTTN. The XLink BT can connect to three cell phones. The XLink BTTN can connect to three cell phones and a regular telephone line or Voice Over IP adapter box.

XLink BT

If you have already abandoned your traditional phone line and currently use one or more cell phones then the BT model is for you. It will connect your cell phones to as many regular telephone sets as you wish. Connect up to THREE cell phones.


If you want to connect one or more cell phones to your regular telephones but want to keep your standard telephone service or want to use a VOIP adapter box then the BTTN model is what you need. You can connect up to THREE cell phones to the BTTN model, as well as, one regular telephone input. This input can come from a regular phone line or from a VOIP (internet telephony) box such as Vonage or MagicJack.

Save Money with XLink

XLink was created for your convenience and to allow you to save money!
If you have a cell phone that you use almost all the time and a landline, it might be possible for you to cancel your landline and exclusively use your cell phone. This will save you money every month.

One reason people do not like to cancel their phone line is because then all their phones throughout their house stop working. The XLink BT was created to address this issue. Now you can cancel your phone line but keep on using your telephones like nothing has changed!