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Frequently Asked Questions

• Are there any monthly fees to use XLink?

There are no additional monthly fees to use XLink, simply set it up and start to use it. Your regular cell phone fees will still apply.

• Can I access my voicemail from my regular telephone?

Yes, you can access your voicemail by going off hook, then pressing the '1' then '#' keys on a telephone that is connected to XLink. This connects you to your voicemail service, similar to pressing and holding the '1' key on your cell phone.

If this does not work automatically, you can still access your voicemail from any telephone in the house. You just need to store your voicemail number into XLink.

You can store one voicemail number for each cell phone that is paired to XLink.

See the user guide 'link' for details.

• Can I choose which cell phone to use when making a call?

Yes, each cell phone has its own line number from 1 to 3. You can select the line you want to dial out by pressing the line number and then the FLASH button on your regular phone.
Each blue button on the top of the XLink is a cell phone line number. The dots indicate which is line 1, line 2 or line 3.

When you select a line and hear dial tone, you can proceed with your call. If you hear a series of rapid tones, it means that there is no cell phone currently connected to that line. Try another line that has a cell phone paired and connected to it.

• Can I use cordless phones with XLink?

Yes, you can use cordless phones with XLink. Some 2.4GHz cordless phones may cause interference with the Bluetooth signal. XLink is equipped with the ability to avoid the same channels used by 2.4GHz phones to minimize any interference.

• Can I use more than one cell phone with XLink?

Yes, you can pair and connect up to 3 bluetooth enabled cell phones to XLink. When any of the connected cell phones ring, all the phones in your house will ring.

When a cell phone is ringing, a blue light will flash to show you which line is ringing. You can answer any of the lines from any extension set.

An extension set is any regular corded or cordless telephone that is connected to the XLink, either directly or through the house wiring. See How to set up XLink for details.

• Can I use voice commands from my regular telephone?

Many cell phones have voice commands that are accessible from regular telephones through the XLink. Press ## to enable the voice commands. Usually there will be a beep. After the beep you can say the voice command.

• Do I need to get rid of my landline to use XLink?

No, you can keep your landline and use the XLink as line 2, or simply plug a multi handset cordless phone into XLink.

• Do my home telephones ring normally when I get a landline call?

Yes, using an XLink BTTN, your phones will ring normally when you receive a landline call.
Each cell phone line has a distinctive ring cadence, if supported by your home phones.

Does the XLink require a 2-line telephone to work with both a cell phone and a landline?

No, the XLink does not require a 2-line telephone.

• How can I tell if my phone has Bluetooth?

Look on your cell phone box for the bluetooth symbol.

You can also look in your user guide in the table of contents or the index section that is typically in the back of the user guide.

You can also look in the menu of your cell phone. It is usually found in the 'Settings' menu, under 'Connections'.

If you cannot find it, try looking for your phone model on the website of your service provider, they will usually give a list of features such as Bluetooth capability.

• How do I direct an outbound call to the landline instead of a cell phone?

By default, the Xlink will dial out on the landline, if connected. If a landline is not connected, the Xlink will dial the lowest numbers cell line which is paired and available. To choose a specific cell phone, dial '1' 'Flash' to select the first cell phone line, '2' 'Flash', for the second cell phone line, and so on.

• I cannot pair the XLINK with my LG Dare cell phone

If you have problems pairing the LG Dare cell phone with the Xlink, then do the following:

  1. Disable the "auto connect to hands free device" setting on the phone.
  2. Try to pair it with the Xlink.
  3. Once it paired successfully, re-enable the auto connect setting.

• If I am on a call with one cell phone, can I answer a call on another cell phone?

Yes, you will hear a call waiting tone, and see the caller ID (If supported by cell phone). Use the FLASH button to answer the second incoming call.

• Is my landline necessary to use XLink?

No, you do not require a landline to use XLink. XLink uses your cell phone service.

• My cell phone keeps connecting and disconnecting.


If the Bluetooth link does not stay connected it most likely means that there is something causing interference in the 2.4 GHz radio band used by Bluetooth. This could be 2.4 GHz telephones, wireless security cameras or any other wireless device that operates at the same frequency as Bluetooth.

The solution is to either get more distance between the XLINK and the conflicting devices or turn off the other devices

Cell Phone Bug

Some cell phones have faulty Bluetooth implementations. In particular the Sony Ericsson w800, w810 and K700, among others, have a bug in their software which causes the Bluetooth link to drop.

We have created special patches that can be downloaded to the XLink to enable it to work around these cell phone issues. To program the patch you need to download the XWizard program. After installing and running the XWizard, connect your XLink to your computer and select the 'Patches' button.

• My iPhone 3G only shows caller ID phone number but not name.

The latest versions (51 or later) of the XLink firmware, which you get by running XWizard, (which you only need to download once from here), compensate for variances in the implementation of the Bluetooth® standard on the iPhone and others.

• The red light comes on when I set up XLink.

This means you have plugged the XLink into an active landline. Unplug the XLink from all the active telephone jacks. You must use wires that are not used by your local telephone company.

The recommended way to use XLink is to plug a corded or cordless telephone directly into the XLink and not use the house wiring at all. A multi handset cordless phone is ideal for use with XLink.

If you want to use the house wiring, make sure that you disconnect any active landlines from the wiring.

• The XLink only shows the called ID number but not the name.

In order to have the caller's name shown on the telephone, the caller's name must be saved in the cell phone's phonebook. However, some brands of cell phones don't send caller's name through bluetooth even it is shown on the cell phone screen.

• Which is the prime line if I pair more than one cell phone?

Line 1 is the prime line. If you have 3 cell phones connected, and go off hook on an extension set, you will be using the cell phone that is paired with Line 1 (indicated by the single dot on the top of the XLink

Each blue button on the top of the XLink is a cell phone line number. The dots indicate which is line 1, line 2 or line 3.

If you do not pair a cell phone to all 3 lines, XLink will always use the lowest line number for prime line. For example, if you only have a cell phone paired to line 3, then go off hook on an extension set, line 3 will be the prime line. If you have a cell phone paired to line 2 and line 3 and go off hook on an extension set, line 2 will be the prime line.

It is a good idea to pair the cell phone you will use the most to line 1.

• Will the cell phone ring through all home phones or just the one the BTTN unit is attached to?

You can set up your XLink BTTN to do either:

  1. By locating the BTTN at the demarcation point when the landline comes in to your house, and then using the BTTN phone port (indicated by the phone icon) to power the other handsets in the house, you can make the BTTN ring all the phones, or
  2. By only connecting only one handset to the phone port, you can make only one phone ring.

• Can I use a FAX machine through XLink and my cell phone?

The cell phone network does not support sending fax signals. A FAX machine will not work through your cell phone.

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